MyMusicRX is a non-profit company that aims to soothe hospitalized children through bedside music therapy and cancer research fundraising. Artists feature tracks on itunes, that raise 5% of sales to go towards cancer research. We were lucky enough to be invited to their private brunch and see a performance by blog loved Chicago indie band, Yawn.

The brunch was held in a private area of the Fader Fort where attendees could enjoy free food, drinks and live music. The head marketing officer of Converse, who is a supporter of MyMusicRX got up and gave a speech about how this organization is benefitting children around the country. The speech ended with a request to post about the organization and the work it’s doing. Seeing as we love music and appreciate it’s benefits everyday, who were we to argue?

Check out the organization, if I was in the situation of one of these children, I can guarantee that my iPod library would be one of my most prized possessions. If you like what they’re doing, go ahead and donate toward the cause.

Check out “Yawn” performing.

Video by Conrad Schoenleber