Here they are, your playlists suited for whatever you  may have planned tomorrow… Got a date? You’d better run out and buy a CD-R, because you are going to want to burn our lovely love playlist for your sweetheart. However, if you haven’t got anything planned and thus feel rather rotten about the upcoming holiday, then you can probably just download the Anti-Love Playlist to your iPod, Computer, or Zune (what’s that?) and prepare your darkest room for a lonely evening… Of course, you could always get some heart-shaped pizzas from Papa John’s and marathon a television show with some friends like I like to do… That sounds better than than the lonely room thing. I’d suggest that, but make sure you schedule in some time to listen to some songs about the unrequited, dumped and forgotten. I promise it isn’t as depressing as it sounds. Don’t believe me? Download it and listen.

Otherwise, have a great Valentine’s Day tomorrow! MTIB is more than happy to be your valentine.