[PLAYLIST] Love Stinks

Yesterday we gave you the sappy, lovey-dovey playlist for everyone who’s happy and feeling the good vibes of the holiday. Today’s playlist is for the people without a significant other, who probably plan to hang with their group of guys or girls and watch some reruns of The OC over some heart-shaped pizzas. Not everyone ...

[PLAYLIST] Remix, Just For Kicks

Here’s a playlist of my favorite remixes with one simple rule: no artist can be repeated. The remixed is not the remixer of one of the other tracks or vice versa. It’s got everything from Hans Zimmer to Breakbot to Local Natives. Enjoy. Listen to the playlist here.


Who knew there were so many songs that mentioned ghosts? Me last night. It’s no groundbreaking discovery, I know… Anyway, all these songs have the word ‘ghost’ in the title. That’s pretty much it. Nothing more to it. I mean, they are all pretty great too… but yeah… ghosts’n’stuff. Enjoy.

Listen Before You Die: Spoon – Kill The Moonlight

Bands like Passion Pit deserve accolades and acknowledgement for their ability to turn something complex into infectious pop gold. It is so easy for 4 synthesizers playing their own melodies to become muddled as they fight for your ears’ attention. Spoon, however, earns its accolades and acknowledgement with painstaking minimalism…

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