Local Artist of the Week: Mountain Opera

Mountain Opera is a foursome hailing from Orono, Minnesota. Their sound is a mixture of indie, new wave, pop and classical, and it definitely has character. The music is centered on unique vocals. There is a longing and fervor in the lead singer’s voice that makes me curious of what gives it that edge. The ...

Intrigued Vinyl: No Distance Paradise – Challenge Gravity

No Distance Paradise is an indie band from Olomouc, Czech Republic. Challenge Gravity found its way to my ear from a friend who lives there. I’m really glad it did because it is now quite fun to zip around in my car with the windows down while listening to these pop tunes. The music is great and so is the sunset

[ALBUM] Torches – If The People Stare EP

  Torches is growing on me faster than wildfire… man I’m punny.  But seriously though, the indie goodness is oozing out of the cracks of the CD case on this one.  They teased us a while back with the release of their single “When You Gonna?” and finally this past Monday they gave us their ...

Intrigued Vinyl: Talk Talk – The Colour Of Spring

It’s the end of January, and that daunting section of the calendar where Spring could figuratively emerge over the horizon is ahead, but in reality we’ll be shivering for at least 3 more months. For those already longing for the spring season, I present to you The Colour Of Spring, the third studio album by London’s Talk Talk.

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