The Best Music Videos of 2013

The music video sometimes seems a thing of the past now that the MTVs and VH1s we once knew are now long gone. However, despite the cable networks abandoning music videos, the art lives on. Music videos are an important, interesting part of song interpretation and can strongly influence the impression made on the listener. Many ...

MTIB’s Top 50 Albums of 2012

About two weeks ago MTIB started whittling down a list of over 5,678 abums (5,679 albums to be exact) to bring you a list of our favorite albums of the year. This year we decided we shouldn’t stop at just ten, but share all of the albums that were in the running as well. So, ...

5 Bands That Snuck By Most In 2012

Every year, a few bands sneak by without making large enough of a splash in the blogosphere to get the limelight they deserve. As the internet continues to grow and the DIY mentality becomes more common, more and more bands go unnoticed. Below is a selection of 5 bands that I think will have regrettably snuck by most in 2012.

Album Review: Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

Ladies and gentleman, Bruce Springsteen has still got it. His newest album, Wrecking Ball, certainly isn’t as edgy as many have made it to sound. But it is damn good. Are the two even related? Anyway, the album starts off with mostly familiar Springsteen sounds – Everyman, patriotic lyrics and an acoustic/electric…

Dang! That’s What I Call Music Vol. 39

A reader’s digest for those who had a busy week and couldn’t check to see what music their favorite music blog was talking about. Enjoy!

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