[ALBUM] Torches – If The People Stare EP

  Torches is growing on me faster than wildfire… man I’m punny.  But seriously though, the indie goodness is oozing out of the cracks of the CD case on this one.  They teased us a while back with the release of their single “When You Gonna?” and finally this past Monday they gave us their ...

[ALBUM] We Are The West – We Are The West II

We Are The West is about as spontaneous as you can get.  They are releasing their newest album in four parts, a few songs at a time.  Kinda cool, but that’s not the crazy part.  They recorded the songs in the hayloft of a barn and they host a concert series that’s held in a parking ...

Listen Before You Die: Brendan Benson – One Mississippi

With a guitar on his back, a book of songs in his pocket and the promised glamour of stardom, Brendan Benson left the land of Jack White and Chrysler for mighty Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the Detroit-native classicist was welcomed with the abrupt news that Virgin records would be letting him go.

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