Hurricane Baio: Yes Bow Tie, Yes

All the way up in the second row, I was surrounded by madness. One gum chewing, not-having-any-of-it woman at 3 o’clock, two hammered gentleman bobbing and making somewhat correlated movements between professions of love for one another at 4 o’clock, what began as 6 o’clock — a screaming, unapologetic blonde basketcase — came crashing through ...

Not Your Usual Sermon: The Songstress in the Rabbit Fur Coat

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut album Rabbit Fur Coat, Jenny Lewis preformed three nights at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles last night. M. Ward warmed up the concrete cathedral as fans of all ages filed into the pews. The high wood backs and short wooden armrests divide each pew into ...

Listen Before You Die: Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

Gorilla Manor is outstanding for four reasons. First, the drums. It’s not too often you hear an album where the drums are so far forward in the mix, mostly because it will typically distract from the melodic instruments. In this case, drummer Matt Frazier creates unique beats that deserve to stand out and don’t distract.

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