The Best 47 Albums of 2015

We decided to try something different this year. The albums below were all released this year and for whatever reason were in our writers’ heavy rotation at some point. Rather than focus on the technical aspects, we focused on our personal connection with each album and wrote about it. By clicking album artwork below, you’ll ...

Local Artist of the Week: Frankie Lee

Some artists take a while to warm up to while other artists you fall in love with instantly. For me, with the case of Frankie Lee, it was the latter. His effortless vocals produce a country blues sound comparable to Dawes or Middle Brother

New Music Tuesday: Dawes – Stories Don’t End

This weeks feature comes from a pretty familiar band to our website. Dawes is back today with the release of their third album Stories Don’t End and I have to say I am pretty happy…

[PLAYLIST] Monday Morning Mix-Up (3/04)

Good morning, folks! Here is a collection of songs that range from toe-tappers to contemplation kindlers. If 8tracks is working correctly the playlist should have a nice flow to it. If not, well, I think you can deal with it.

Hipster Holiday Hymns

Gadzooks! The holidays are well beyond upon us, which means so is our ten song playlist brought to you by our favorite holiday character, Yukon Cornelius. You may remember him from such films as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. And, what does Yukon Cornelius, the greatest prospector in the north, have to say about our playlist ...