Hurricane Baio: Yes Bow Tie, Yes

All the way up in the second row, I was surrounded by madness. One gum chewing, not-having-any-of-it woman at 3 o’clock, two hammered gentleman bobbing and making somewhat correlated movements between professions of love for one another at 4 o’clock, what began as 6 o’clock — a screaming, unapologetic blonde basketcase — came crashing through ...

[ALBUM] The Colourist – The Colourist

After nationwide tours and an EP to tease us with, California quartet The Colourist has finally unleashed their debut self-titled album.  Heavy in poppy refrains and upbeat melodies, tied together with the ever present male/female harmonies, it’s something most everyone can, and should, enjoy. Best served with the windows down or a drink in your ...

Listen Before You Die: Fashawn – Boy Meets World

A coming-of-age tale in album form that’ll even excite a casual hip-hop/rap listener. Exile’s beats are refreshing and pair well with the young and talented west coast rapper, Fashawn. Appearance’s by Evidence, Aloe Blacc and samples of The Doors and Black Star only add to the splendor of this already fantastic album.

[PLAYLIST] California

There’s no secret that the number of bands that have come out of California probably can’t be counted on just one had. Today’s playlist is packed full of artists that got their start in the Golden State.