I’m going to keep my chatter to a minimum this week. But I do hope everyone is enjoying their summers. Get excited to hear some sweet Boston, MA music!

1. The Hush Now

This is a sweet mellow indie rock group from Boston, which I didn’t really expect. I always thought of Beantown as more of a punk rock scene. Who knew? So apparently these guys made quite the buzz in their rock blog sphere when they debuted last year. Check out this track called “Traditions” from their self titled debut. The video was from a contest the band held to see fans’ videos. Pretty cool.

2. Elephantom

This next group got some attention after a huge break. During a concert one of their demo cds ended up on stage and was picked up by members of the group Grizzly Bear who got in contact with them and gave them props on their stuff. Unfortunately I could not find a better quality video for you guys, but check it out anyways. This is Elephantom with “I Am Your Head”.

3. Akrobatic

For my hip hop selection of the week I chose Akrobatic. The song is called “Inhuman Capabilities” and it features a nice stringy sample which seems to work well with both the tone of his voice and the measure of his flow. Check it out!

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Thanks for listening! Have a great week everyone!