Anthem Heart… maybe you have never heard of them, maybe you have. Either way, they have got a pretty sweet gig happening this weekend. If you are in the Minneapolis-area, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your time.

What is it? It’s a weekend-long screen-printing party/open studio.
What does that mean? Well, it means they are throwing down and cranking out “Twin Cities” themed T-shirt designs live, all while DJ Bach, The Nightstalker, Estate, Famuel, and our boy DJ Picnic Basket sonically shock your ears.
Why would I want to go to that? ‘Cause it’s fuckin’ awesome. You get to pick your shirt(s) ($15 for 1/$20 for 2) or bring your own (only $5) and then you get to pick your print colors to create your own unique shirt that you obviously get to take home with you (along with a free tote bag to carry all your goodies).
Okay, you convinced me… When can I go to this stellar bash? Easy. Friday from 5-10 pm (THAT’S TODAY), Saturday from 12-8 pm (THAT’S TOMORROW) and Sunday from 12-5 pm (THAT’S TOMORROW’S TOMORROW).
You dumb idiot! How am I supposed to go if I don’t know where it is? My goodness, relax! You go to the Q.arma Building. Hope to see you there!