Often times I find myself skipping over the opening acts when I write a show review.  This time, there’s no skipping over the opening performances that Future Feats and The Colourist put on Monday at The Triple Rock.

In my opinion, opening acts have one job to do: get the audience pumped and ready to see the headliner.  Chicago natives, Future Feats, did just that.  Every shred of energy in the lead singer’s  body was left on the stage.  Midway through the second song, I found myself questioning how many Red Bulls did these dudes down before they went on stage.  They were just that energetic…  After the show, I found out it was their first show…. ever.   Maybe it wasn’t Red Bull after all… Just first show-adrenaline… and maybe one Red Bull. Either way they were having the time of their life up there.

To summarize their sound briefly, they are poppy and resemble a Tarzan-era Phil Collins or Graceland-era Paul Simon. In fact, I’m almost positive they nabbed the reverse-bass solo from, Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al.”

It will be interesting to see how the band grows and moves forward, away from outside influences, and creates their own unique sound.  Check them out if you get the chance.

There’s something about female drummers that really draws me in.  The Colourist, a four piece rock group from southern Cali provided me with the female drummer and more.  She sang lead vocals occasionally too!  With all that bouncing around and multitasking it amazes me that drummer, Maya Tuttle, is able to do it all and still nail every note and keep a beat.  The group has just put the finishing touches on an album and I’ll be eagerly waiting to get my ears on it.  Sometimes, you get a good feeling about a band. Listening to The Colourist on Monday, I got that feeling.  Keep your ears open for these guys on your local radio station, they’ll be making it their soon enough.  Take a listen to their performance on Paste’s Poolside sessions here.

Finally, the main act: Youngblood Hawke is only one EP and one album young and they have already visited Minneapolis three times.  Once as an opener for Passion Pit, once as an opener for Keane, and now as a headliner.  I saw them a while back when they opened for Passion Pit and they surprised me with their many drums and positive energy.  That energy pours off the stage and radiates throughout the crowd.  A majority of the people in the audience were jumping around and dancing like they were having the best night of their life; something that’s always fun to be a part of.  The crowd at The Triple Rock was small but connected in their appreciation for Youngblood Hawke.  It seemed like everybody knew every song and latched on to every word. I witnessed several people make new friends while jumping around and shouting along.

After not seeing them for nearly a year it was great to hear some new tunes like “Dannyboy” off their recently released album Wake Up, as well as some older favorites “We Come Running” and “Stars.”  Go out and grab yourself some tickets, there’s plenty of dates left on their tour including some stops in Canada (aye?) and The UK.