Rocket Juice And The Moon – “Hey Shooter”

Damon Albarn. Flea. Tony Allen. Eryka Badu. So, I wasn’t really sure how all of those names fit together, that is, until I heard this song. I was fairly skeptical about this “supergroup” for a couple of reasons. 1) Their name is, well, not good… This is, of course, my own opinion, but it sounds like a middle school garage band trying to come up with something funny and cool. And 2) The bandmates themselves demonstrate such a wide range of musical styles, that I figured it would be a bit of a crap-shoot in terms of how their sounds blended. I am happy to report that it seems as though my fears were unfounded. What comes through on “Hey Shooter” is a perfect mix of each member’s personality. I guess I shouldn’t have doubted the mastermind behind Blur and Gorillaz. Damon Albarn is a genius and I dare you to argue otherwise. This funky little number should put you in the right mood for the upcoming snowpocalypse. Good luck everyone. I hope you have some canned goods… Oh, and buy their self-titled debut when it comes out March 26th. If you’re still alive…

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