Hello, and welcome to another exciting week of Robot Music. Have you ever wondered what indie trap may sound like? Well, it just so happens I have some for you here today. Let me introduce Joe Becic and “Hollow Scene”. As you may have guessed, it is the trap version of  Bon Iver’s “Holocene”. Now, you may expect some huge car-shaking bass, but Becic feeds off the style of the original and gives presents a whole new perspective on trap.

Before you get to that song you’ll have to pass through FΔUXE who brings us “The Boy Who Never Grew Up,” which is from the ambient realm.

After two laid back tunes, you get new and bass-tastic dubstep from Candyland. Feel free to go with The Slag  on his “Super Adventure Mega Quest” and Ramses B as he travels into space with “Asteriod”.

Lastly, if you are a hip-hop fan, you may have heard that a certain album has leaked. While at MTIB we don’t promote this type of activity, it’s hard to ignore some of the remixes that spring up. So, enjoy this DMNDZ remix of Ye’s “I’m in it”.