Reader’s Digest (02.19.2012)

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All of the free and legally downloadable track from the past week in one single download for your listening pleasure!


1. “Count On It”/Dunson
2. “The Too Men”/Zoo Animal
3. “In The Yard”/Bowerbirds
4. “Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)”/Grouplove
5. “Kicking”/Torche
6. “The Hypnotist (Sonny & The Sunsets Cover)”/Leatherbag
7. “Semesters”/In Euphoric Company
8. “Rainy Day”/Young Hines
9. “Night”/Ravens & Chimes
10. “Morning Now”/That Ghost




About Rondeau

I'd rather be hiking, road-tripping or listening to music than InstaTweeting, FaceSpacing or reading Xanga. Lately I've been struggling with the fact that music, for a lot of people, has become social capital. Let's all just enjoy music... and if you go to a concert... please keep the phone use to a minimum. Soak up the show with your eyes and ears - not through a phone screen. Long live vinyl!

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