Local Show @ The Amsterdam – May 5th, 2015

After featuring Mountain Opera as our Local Artist of the Week a couple months ago, Zeke, a member of the Orono foursome, extended to us an invitation to a local show the group was putting together. Naturally, we accepted the invite. We’re always curious to hear up-and-coming acts. So, we sent our finest photographer, Adam Wold.

Originally, we planned to have Wold include a write-up with his photos, but after some deliberation, we thought it’d be more interesting to see his honest, knee-jerk notes from the show. As you might notice, he’s no slouch when it comes to writing. But, he’s even less of a slouch when it comes to photographing things.

Subsequently, a new tradition is born. Moving forward, we’ll be including photos of Wold’s handwritten notes in addition to his photos of whatever band we send him out to see.

That being said, don’t hesitate to extend similar invitations. We might not be able to attend them all, but we promise to at least consider it.

A little background on the show… It was held at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown St. Paul on May 5th. The featured bands included Danger Ronnie and The Spins, Stereo Confession, Mountain Opera, PTSTD and special guests, Wild In and Chris Giuliano.

Enjoy the photography and thoughts of Adam Wold!


Local Artist of the Week: Faith Boblett

April is turning into the month of female front women. Last week, we featured a pop artist with attitude. This week, we’re featuring an alt-rock heroine.

Faith Boblett is a local alternative rock artist whose stomping grounds are the Twin Cities. She released her first album in late 2013 and has been gracing the Gopher State with her musical presence ever since.

Recently, Boblett released an EP titled, Tell Me, a  compilation of anthems every 20-something should be singing as they fist pump the air in triumph. Listen to “I Don’t Like You,” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

To me, great albums are rooted in the artist’s emotions and experiences. When I listen to Tell Me, it’s like I have a secret window into Boblett’s life. The connection is what makes it worthy of a listen. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a stellar voice.

Faith has a bandcamp page that houses both Tell Me and her 2013 album, Oil and Water. I recommend a hyperlink click.

Local Artist of the Week: Kara Laudon

Kara Laudon is a pop artist from Minneapolis. Not a Britney Spears kind of pop but an Ingrid Michaelson kind of pop. Her album, I Wasn’t Made, is a collection of what I like to call non-disruptive pop music. It’s soft and catchy. I imagine listening to it while organizing my closet on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Laudon’s got a great band backing her up but the centerpiece of her songs is definitely her voice. It’s buttery and light. I’m going to compare it to, “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” I’ll let you be the judge of whether that’s a good comparison or not.

I would say her primary demographic is women, however, if you appreciate a great voice, Kara’s your girl.

My favorites are the title track, I Wasn’t Made and Empty Drawers. Check out Laudon’s full length album on her bandcamp page.

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