Okay, so last night Joey Kingston and I realized we’ve actually posted a lot more than a thousand times. Basically, in the migration to the new site a couple hundred posts were lost. But, we are going to take a page out of a local hero’s book and party like it is 1999… Or rather, like it is the 1000th, because according to the new site, it is.

MTIB, having been born on Nov. 19, 2009 has been around for over 2 years now, bringing you all sorts of music that we feel is not bad. For those of you who know us well, you should also know that when we say, music that isn’t bad, we are not saying it with the implication that certain music is in fact bad. We’re simply saying that we think the music on our site isn’t. You may disagree, but then you are probably a dumb idiot… Not actually, we understand everyone has different tastes. There are even moments where I dislike something one of the other writers has posted. That doesn’t mean other people won’t agree with the writer. That’s how the world of music works. But, the purpose of this post isn’t to lecture you on the mission of the website. Instead, I want to say thank you for supporting us, reading our posts, telling your friends about us, and being awesome. We don’t do this for ourselves – in order to fill some desire to be heard or prove our musical prowess. We do it for you, to give you a safe, mostly non-judgmental, place to discover and talk about new music. Most other music blogs are snobs. We hate them. We love you.

Anyway, I ended up saying a lot more than I intended, I’ll get to the point now… For our 1000th post we wanted to do something special, so we decided that a t-shirt giveaway was in order. But instead of simply hosting some sort of raffle, we decided we would do one last mystery-themed, throwback-style mixtape before we settle back on the side of total legality – our mixtapes exist in a legal grey area…. So here it is. Download it, listen to it, share it with your friends and try and figure out our brain buster of a mystery theme. There will be no hints. Good luck.

First one to guess the correct theme in the comments portion of this post, gets a free t-shirt. Go!


– Chuck Ryan