I’ve made a lot of bad dad jokes in the 999 other posts I’ve written for Music That Isn’t Bad, so it only makes sense that I “hide” one in the title of my 1,000th.

I could write a long-winded post chronicling the history of the site, talk about how far it’s come, maybe bring up the time I titled a post, Onesday plus Onesday equals Tuesday… but, I think I’d rather thank everyone that has ever contributed , thank all the readers AND get to the music that isn’t bad.

Before I do, I’d like to point out that my mother used to say, “Adam, you’re never going to make money writing on your website…” 4 years and 5 months later, boy, have I proven her right! (love you, mom) So, for all of you aspiring/wet-nosed bloggers… Keep at it, because, who gives a shit? It’s fun.

Here’s a playlist of select songs from my first 200 posts. Time to put the ear goggles on and have a great weekend.

1. “Australia” – The Shins

2.  “Heaven’s On Fire” – The Radio Dept.

3. “The Good News” – Philadelphia Grand Jury

4. “Future Thunder” – The Dashing Suns

5. “Swim Club” – Cave Singers

6. “Carousel” – Ravens & Chimes

7. “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” – Kingsley Flood

8. “The Nosebleed Section” – Hilltop Hoods

9. “Big Bank Hank” – Blue Scholars

10. “Goodnight Moon” – Said The Whale

11. “Trashcan” – Delta Spirit

12. “Heart Be” – Cowboy Indian Bear

13. “Verb Noun” – The Seedy Seeds

14. “Love Lust” – King Charles

15. “Keep On Walking” – Deep Sea Arcade

16. “On & On” – Glyphs

17. “Blood Red Youth” – California Wives

18. “Sleep Song” – Hooded Fang

19. “Settle Down” – The Olympic Symphonium

20. “Chugjug” – Family of the Year

21. “Master of Art” – Laura Stevenson & The Cans

22. “Lions in Cages” – Wolf Gang

23. “Life as a Shorty ft. J. Mitchell” – Fashawn

24. “Don’t You Evah” – Spoon

25. “Made For You” – The Gift