Norwegian Recycling – “Whitney”


I don’t care what anyone says about Whitney Houston’s recent death, it is without a doubt a passing of one of the finest vocalists of our time. Whether you knew who she was before her death or not, she is worth paying homage to, which is what I’m looking to do with this post. It is a little late as Whitney died over a week ago, but… better late than never, they always say. Especially when that lateness is tied to a fantastic mash-up featuring some of Whitney’s finest songs (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody being my favorite) over a backdrop provided by Adele’s “Fire To The Rain” giving it a suitably somber aural aura. Alongside Adele are a few other recently famous artists including Bruno Mars and Florence + The Machine. Even, if you aren’t a fan of any of the artists I’ve mentioned so far, this mash-up is worth a listen because Norwegian Recycling has done it again. Click the “Support The Artist” link under the video to download the song for free and peruse the rest of Norwegian’s mash-ups. You won’t be disappointed.