A new week brings a fresh batch of albums on this fine Tuesday. This weeks new release of choice comes from pop-rockers The Polyphonic Spree and their 4th full-length effort to date entitled Yes, It’s True. What’s crazy about this group is that there are currently 20 members which include a full choir as well as what might as well be a full orchestra. There are harps, flutes, horns, and a number of other pieces to go with the traditional guitar, bass, percussion combination. The weird part is that unless you listen very closely you’d barely notice.

Yes, It’s True does a good job fitting all of those pieces together and what makes this album good is that even with 20 different musicians, they don’t sound like they are trying to do too much, somehow keeping it simple when there are seemingly endless directions they could try. This album’s positivity is infectious, every lyric and all of the music is so upbeat and inviting to the ears. It’s loud and in-your-face danceable music that I would like to see performed live, especially in a summer festival atmosphere where people are discovering them for the first time (which is probably rare given they have been around for 13 years but still!). I would also be interested to see how they fit everyone on stage! Key tracks include the album’s first single “What Would You Do?” as well as “Carefully Try” which is probably one of the most uplifting things I’ve heard in a while.

Head over to Pitchfork HERE to stream Yes, It’s True in its entirety – there’s even a link to purchase it over there too! How neat is that? That’s pretty neat.