This fine Tuesday, as well as every other, brings a pile of new albums for our listening pleasure. While each one is different, there are always a few that stand out. This week the new release you shouldn’t miss belongs to Ra Ra Riot and goes by the name Beta Love. This has to be one of the happiest albums I’ve listened to in a while. There are a few changes in the mood but it goes from happy to chill rather than happy to sad. They use a ton of synth effects to back Wes Miles‘ vocals and the mostly faster paced beats. My only actual complaint is that the album is only about a half hour long. It ends so quickly leaving the listener wanting more. At any rate, I highly recommend giving Beta Love a full once-over, or maybe a twice-over? For real though.

For those of you who missed the new single and title track “Beta Love” on our upcoming releases post, here it is again:

Head to their website where you can stream the entire album too! They even have it set up with a crazy visualizer to go along with the music. Click HERE for that awesomeness. You could also just go buy the album like the great, artist supporting people we know you are.