Evil Friends
Another crazy year of great new music rocks on, and we’re still only in May! This time we have new tunes from Portugal. The Man for the first time in two years. Evil Friends is the 8th full length album from the psychedelic rockers and it appears they have picked up right where they left off on 2011’s In the Mountain In the Cloud. The new music brings a lot of energy which can be partially attributed to the very familiar and well traveled producer, Danger Mouse. After previously working most recently with names like BeckThe Black Keys, and James Mercer of The Shins on Broken Bells, you’d have to believe he was given a warm welcome by the Portland based group. The new album already boasts two singles, the April release “Purple Yellow Red & Blue,” and the title track and first single “Evil Friends” which as I mentioned before are very energetic. You can tell this band just loves to crank up the volume and shred as hard as they can on every song and it’s that passion that makes the album fun to listen to. It also makes them awesome to see live which I highly recommend doing if they happen to be passing through your town sometime soon.

You won’t be able to get the entire album until next Tuesday (June 4th) but you can head to their website HERE to preorder it (and check their tour schedule!) and then scroll down to check out those new singles! Enjoy!