Here it is folks, the first Mystery Mixtape of MTIB history. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means we’ve put together a throwback-style mixtape of 12 songs that are all tied together somehow, whether it be they are all songs about youth, all the artists are from Belarus or the first letter of each song in order spells some 12 letter word. You might want to focus on the artist, you might want to focus on the song titles, you might want to focus on both! In this particular case. You’d probably want to focus on the artists this time… and I’m giving you that hint because you are going to need it. This mystery theme is not an easy one. I’m actually nervous that no one in the entire interwebs will get it. That being said, I want YOU – ALL OF YOU – to try and guess the theme of the playlist in the comments section below. The first person to get the correct answer will get a prize. Not just any prize, you get a surPRIZE – a surprise PRIZE, but more than likely it will be a shirt. A first ever, brand-new MTIB t-shirt in your size (obviously). So, get to listening and sleuthing.

Also, there will be a hint to the clue on Wednesday (updated in this post, on facebook, on twitter, etc.) AND the full tracklist will be updated in this post next Saturday.

CLUE: The order of the songs is VERY important to the theme.