7. Temples – Sun Structures

Temples’ Sun Structures was one of my most sought after albums of 2014. Luckily it came earlier in the year. I remember hearing a few singles for the first time on the radio in the spring of 2013. From then on I waited in anticipation, enjoying the sounds only when I heard them over satellite. I definitely had my thoughts that “Shelter Song” was too good to be true, but these dudes produced an arsenal of powerful rock and roll. Three of their singles sit on the A-Side of Sun Structures until “Colours To Life” opens the B-Side in an incredible layered fashion. While Samuel Toms pushes a heavy drumbeat, this layered approach to the album defines a clear foreground, middle ground, and background in each song. All members of the band are clearly working hard throughout the album, and I feel that this creates an authentic sound that plays homage to Temple’s rock and roll predecessors. The name of the album, its songs, and the physical design of the LP, could truly lead one to believe that there is a powerful force inspiring their sound. – Evert