5. The Orwells – Disgraceland

I think it’s safe to say you’ve made it as a band when David Letterman asks for you to play an encore. It’s a short list, and The Orwells are lucky enough to call themselves members of that club.

Disgraceland is the second album from the Chicago area rock band. Having never met them I can only assume they were the type of kids who told their parents to fuck off a time or two. Their grungy garage punk sound is something that many bands try to master but often times just end up sounding worn and outdated. Personally I would have to say they managed to avoid that cliché garage sound, mostly by writing quality lyrics, but make your way across the interweb and you’ll see plenty of mixed reviews out there.

They could be called a heavier version of Parquet Courts, a band that has appeared on many year-end lists but frankly I think isn’t as good as The Orwells. The bottom line is this: if you can keep my attention throughout an entire garage punk album you’re doing something incredibly right. – Quinn