This week’s Local Artist of the Week is a new Minneapolis-based folk duo, Undlin & Wolfe. The partnership is comprised of former classmates, Siri Undlin and Dexter Wolfe. This past summer, the two, hit the ground running by recording their debut EP, Sliver Lines.

Reminiscent of the folk duo’s of old – they have the vocal capabilities of the Carpenters but the edge of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

I had the opportunity to see the duo live earlier this month. Undlin’s steady, clear vocals and Wolfe’s expert guitar playing transfixed the audience’s gaze on stage.  I always know when I’m enjoying a show when I feel like I’m interrupting a personal moment between the performers.

Despite a few instrument hiccups on stage, the show was excellent and low key, a great way to kick off a relaxed Friday night.

Their next show is at the 331 Club on February 3rd where they’ll be playing with the Ilika Ward Duo… in case you want to check them out.

Click play below for a taste of their music. I suggest listening to Silver Lines sitting, preferably reclining, in a comfortable chair while looking out the window. One minute in, you’ll be staring off into space, in deep contemplation.

Something to note when listening to the track titled, “Snow,” is that Undlin is playing an instrument called the sansula. Don’t know what a sansula is? I didn’t either – check it out.