Karma Kicks


The local artist of the week feature is typically reserved for bands that have an established following and are on the cusp of making it big on a national level.  Instead, today I wanted to bring forth a group that is incredibly new but within their songs you can find signs of a bright musical future.

The Karma Kicks are a rock trio out of St. Paul made up of Andy Arvidson, Dave Abbot, and Andy Vogl.  Their official formation came in 2012 but they’ve been friends for the better part of a decade.  They have a garage band sound but at times they show similarities to early Kings of Leon (“Under Your Skin”) or Scott H. Biram.  And then they’ll throw you for a loop with folkier songs like “Biscuits and Gravy.”  Although their sound is not yet polished, I can only assume as they grow as a band and songwriters, so will their sound.

They have one full length album to their name (self titled) and a two song EP of sorts as well.  Although they haven’t released any official material since late in 2012, if you check out their Facebook page you might get lucky and find a new song released from time to time.  The crew has an affinity for the live show playing smaller local venues – Honey, Acadia, and the like.  Keep checking your calendars for these guys to pop up at a venue near you.

Check out their debut album below.  If it’s not your thing, keep an ear open for them down the road.  Bands change over time – year by year, album by album, song by song.