Music the Energizer Bunny might listen to, Mystery Date is a power pop band from the Twin Cities and this week’s Local Artist of the Week. If you’re into upbeat fast-tempo punk/pop, Mystery Date’s latest album, New Noir may tickle your fancy.

The band is made up of Johnny Eggerman (guitar, vocals), Steve Splettstaszer (bass, backup vocals), and Grady Appleton (drums). However, they could be the members of The Stooges or The Clash disguised as much younger looking men.

During an interview with City Pages, Splettstaszer said he thinks of Mystery Date as, “a fake British band from the ’70s.” And I don’t think he’s wrong.

I’m not a huge fan of punk music but I really liked this album. The repetition of the guitar and drum beats are hypnotic and unlike most punk/pop music it’s not harsh. It makes you remember you’re awake and alive on a Monday morning.

Transport back in time with Mystery Date’s New Noir. If you see Iggy Pop, tell him even at age 67 he’s still performing shirtless.