Mountain Opera is a foursome hailing from Orono, Minnesota. Their sound is a mixture of indie, new wave, pop and classical, and it definitely has character.

The music is centered on unique vocals. There is a longing and fervor in the lead singer’s voice that makes me curious of what gives it that edge.

The first track, titled “Mountain Chapel”, is one of those songs that without realizing it, you start to slowly bob your head to the beat. And then all of a sudden you have a full-on, dramatic head bob going. As the song builds at the bridge, the feeling moves throughout the entire body making you want to do that nerdy live show hop. Don’t be ashamed – we all do it.

The second track is called; “Chairlift Ghosts” (have you picked up on the EP’s theme yet?). While it has a similar feel to “Mountain Chapel” the vocals are a little less prominent, allowing the band to showcase their songwriting a bit more.

They have this unearthly sound, I’m talking alien-like and I mean that in the best possible way.

So show Orono some love and listen to Mountain Opera by clicking on the album art above, or if you’re having trouble with that here’s a link their bandcamp.