Each and every day I seem to stumble across a new electronic/pop group from the Twin Cities. Whether it be Wiping Out Thousands (a former MTIB local artist of the week), Wolf Lords, or in this case, Meme, they all seem to still find a way to be unique and keep their sound fresh.  Meme gives us an electronic backdrop that often includes acoustic arrangements and layered, poppy vocals.  It’s a niche sound that’s worthy of a spot in everyone’s music library.

The duo is made up of couple Danny Burke, who handles the producing, and Lizzie Brown, who provides the perfect dose of dream pop vocals to blend with Burke’s electronic sounds.  The duo has released three albums in the span of just three years and it was at first a mystery as to why I haven’t heard more buzz about these guys around town.   Well, it turns out the pair has only performed one live show!  But lucky for us listeners, they’re stepping out and beginning to bring their live sounds to the world with a handful of recent show announcements.  In fact, they’ll be opening for Hey Ocean! tonight along with fellow MTIB favorites West of Aldine.  You can catch all that action at 7th St. Entry downtown.

With a name like Meme it’s a tough one to search for via the internet.  Your best option is to check out their Bandcamp page where all three of the groups’ albums, Meme (2010),  Primary Colors (2011), and Young (2012), can be streamed for free.  Links to the pair’s Tumblr and Facebook can also be found their as well.  If a full album isn’t what you’re looking for, or you’re more intrigued by the visual aspect of music, check out the newly completed video below for “I Always Knew.”  The animations for which were done by Burke, himself.