Kara Laudon is a pop artist from Minneapolis. Not a Britney Spears kind of pop but an Ingrid Michaelson kind of pop. Her album, I Wasn’t Made, is a collection of what I like to call non-disruptive pop music. It’s soft and catchy. I imagine listening to it while organizing my closet on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Laudon’s got a great band backing her up but the centerpiece of her songs is definitely her voice. It’s buttery and light. I’m going to compare it to, “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” I’ll let you be the judge of whether that’s a good comparison or not.

I would say her primary demographic is women, however, if you appreciate a great voice, Kara’s your girl.

My favorites are the title track, I Wasn’t Made and Empty Drawers. Check out Laudon’s full length album on her bandcamp page.