The fearless foursome of Gabe Hart, Christian Nelson, Christian Walz and Nick Zimmerman make up this week’s Local Artist of the Week, Hello Heart.

The group of friends from Owatonna, Minnesota started playing together in 2012 and have had recent success by signing with Winter State Entertainment, a Minnesota based record company. Under the Winter State label they released their first single in late December 2014, entitled “Heart of Winter”.

“Heart of Winter” is a track you’d want to put on a playlist for a long road trip. It’s a song you can get lost to. And one that’s melody you’ll happily have stuck in your head for the duration of the car ride. The track itself is upbeat but the lyrics tell a different story. We hear the singer’s sad realization that he needs his supposed “lover” to be content, but the guitar and light drumming juxtapose the singer’s feeling of uncertainty. I can’t decide if this duality is a good or a bad thing so I’m resolving not to read too much into it.

Hello Heart will be recording their first album this April and are set to tour after its release. Click play below to hear “Heart of Winter”.