There aren’t many hip-hop artists in the Twin Cities rising faster than Greg Grease.  After being named City Pages’ Best Hip-Hop Artist of 2013, a lot of peoples’ ears became a lot more open and receptive to what Grease had to say.  I think a lot of fans were surprised not to see a Rhymesayers or Doomtree heavy hitter a top that list, but after listening to his work, clear to see that he was a deserving candidate.

A lot of the hype came from his most recent album Cornbread, Pearl & G and has been followed up with an EP entitled Black King Cole. His flow is something many MCs would love to have – a quick spitter with clearly enunciated lyrics – often talking about class and race among other prominent issues within his rhymes.

When it comes to experiencing high vs. low class desparity, Greg has seen it first hand due to his day job.  Believe it or not, the rapper cleans windows when he’s not handling the mic, giving him plenty of time to roll rhymes through his head about class structure and whatever other musings are churning inside his mind while he’s cleaning.  This time at work eventually produces tunes  like “A Tribute to the Lakes.”  If you want to hear more about Greg’s thoughts on his job and other ramblings, check out the interview he did with City Pages here.

There seems to be no stopping in sight for Grease.  He recently was featured in a video on MTV (Other), spotlighting Minneapolis and it’s incredibly divers music scene.  You can catch that flick right here.  And let’s not forgot about the newest video for “WZRD SCIENCE” from Mike Mictlan of Doomtree that features Grease as well.  You can check out that video as well as the newest EP below.