Sometimes silly working titles are the ones that seem to stick.  In the case of Dan Mariska and The Boys Choir’s latest album, that’s exactly what’s happened.  Bummer Songs, Dan’s second full length album, gives us a good selection of 90’s feeling alt rock mixed with poppier tracks (“Stay Inside”) that you cant help but sing along to.  Think The Wallflowers meets Fountains of Wayne meets Barenaked Ladies.  Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

Don’t let those comparisons fool you when it comes to age though.  Dan’s still in his twenties and with two strong full-length releases already under his belt, his musical ceiling is a high one.  Also, don’t think for a second that the talent ends with the lead man.  Every other member splits their time with other ongoing projects.  Guitarist Nick Costa and bassist Andy Sanford who also play in The Person and the People and Me As a Pilot and drummer Kevin Goff also contributes his talents to Crash bandits.

The guys are playing a handful of shows in the near future.  Most notably a show at 7th St Entry on March 23rd and and April 19th at Cause Spirits and Soundbar before hitting the road for some shows around the Midwest.

Check out the album below and show some love for the band buy dropping that $5 you’ve got laying around on a copy of the album.  Or for only $15 you could snag yourself a limited edition pink vinyl.