Botzy (Adam Botsford), better known for his work with ska group Culture Cry Wolf, drew my initial attention for his work on The Best Love is Free compilation album.  Since 2010, Deaf to the Static records has worked with various organizations and artists such as Botzy to put together an annual compilation album to be distributed for free – ’cause who doesn’t like free music?  Their goal is simple, expose great music to new ears and bring artists closer together.  New in the past two years, a few of the artists were able to make music videos of their songs featured on the album in conjunction with Adam J. Dunn.  So in a sense it’s not just helping expose artists to fans’ ears, but providing artists with resources they normally would not have access to. A pretty cool concept.

Although The Best Love is Free project has to consume a lot of Botsford’s time, he receives no monetary benefit from it.  That’s where his day job of ska band vocalist and solo rapper come into the picture.  Culture Cry Wolf’s last effort came in the form of a music video for their track “Second Wind” with Sims of Doomtree late last year.  The track can be found on the group’s debut album Dia De Los Muertos.   Or for those English only speakers out there, Day of the Dead.  (It’s rumored the group will be dropping a new album in the near future so keep an eye out for that as well)  Since then, Botzy has been working on solo material like the video below for his single ‘You Got It?.”

In the past he’s released Botzy’s Birthday EP, full of previously unreleased tunes, many of which are still not fully mixed or mastered but are honest reflections of the MC’s life.  Before that, in 2011, he released a mix-tape entitled My Friends and I.  In similar fashion, it was a work two years in the making.  A grouping of tracks all with featured artists that Botsford recorded with his friends, hence the title.

Although he’s not originally from Minneapolis, it’s a blessing that he’s planted down here in the great Twin Cities.  Botzy values bringing together friends and music to benefit both the artists and fans.  Every aforementioned album can be downloaded for free or with a name your price option.  To grab the mix-tape or EP, head over to his Bandcamp page.  Hopefully the new video is a sign of bigger things to come, ideally in the form of a full-length album.