John Samson, singer, principal songwriter and guitarist of The Weakerthans, made a good deal of punk music before releasing this album, but it doesn’t often glean through the deceivingly simple indie-pop heard on Reconstruction Site. Sure with songs like “Plea From A Cat Named Virtue,” and “Over Retired Explorer,” you hear a bit of salad day-Samson, but there are also songs like “One Great City!” and “Reconstruction Site,” which dabble in less-familiar terrain.

Aside from the wonderful songwriting on this record, there are two aspects that shove this album into the Listen Before You Die category: Lyrically the album functions more as poetry than it does pop music. There aren’t as many choruses as you might normally expect and the lyrics that take the place of those potential sing-a-long moments are deftly packed with purposeful diction. And finally, there’s the “(Manifest),” “(Hospital Vespers)” and “(Past Due)” series spread evenly throughout the album. I love this concept. The songs are essentially the same melodically and share other elements, but each iteration is far different from the last. Very cool.

Anyway, go listen to this record. I highly doubt you’ll regret it.