Kids are cute. Occasionally they have extremely ambitious and logically impossible goals like growing up to be a dinosaur or living off of Lunchables and Sunny D forever. That being said, Sufjan Stevens’ has company. His ambitious musical map of the US of A project, had he continued, would have came to a close around 2053 with Stevens sitting at the ripe age of 78. Seems unlikely. Of course, I would have loved to see it happen. The man can write damn good music, which is why I’m here writing about how you should listen to his album Illinoise.

Illinoise, the second and last album of the state project, is an impressive collection of moving, tender-hearted narratives chronicling the history of Illinois. Alongside his mini-orchestra, Stevens strings together (no pun intended) quietly passionate songs like “Casimir Pulaski Day” and road-trip ready tunes like “Chicago”. It’s progressive folk. It’s indie pop. It’s classic-rock inspired. It’s spiritual. It’s informational. It’s completely improbable that you wouldn’t find at least one song to love on this record. Enjoy.