With the release of the new Rogue Wave album in less than a week, I decided to pay homage to the band’s finest. With a run time just short of 37 minutes, Out of the Shadow is delicious amalgamation of hook-filled, occasionally folk-flavored, lo-fi indie pop songs. Frontman, Zach Rogue, has natural know-how when it comes to low-key infectious hooks,  a uniquely lovable voice, and multi-instrumental talent that includes nearly everything outside drums. Basically, Zach Rogue is to Rogue Wave as Justin Vernon is to Bon Iver and it’s all of his skills that come together to create a fantastic debut album.

I would recommend this album to anyone that is a fan of The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, Paul Simon, Neutral Milk Hotel or Elliott Smith.

The track that turned me onto the group was “Kicking The Heart Out,” but I would also recommend, “Be Kind – Remind,” “Postage Stamp World,” and “Man-Revolutionary!” – all would be a good place to start.