A must if you enjoy exceptional piano. This recording is some 30+ years old, which is early in Keith Jarrett’s career. Although, it is after Jarrett decided the digital world wasn’t for him. After a short gig with Miles Davis on the electric keyboard, Jarrett swore he’d never play anything that had a plug.  Rumor has it that this piano at Köln was damaged and that Jarrett was ill, but you’d never know it by listening.

Jazz aficionados will tell you this is not jazz, which I guess means that it does not have syncopated rhythms that are disjointed to the point of being disconcerting. Jarrett does present some flow and while some bits are repetitive they are repeated to the point of almost becoming hypnotic and soothing…especially when you hear him so into his music that he is moaning in the background.

Anyway. I play this for guests on a regular basis because I think they should hear it. And that is what this post is about, right?

Guest blog by Steve Goodyear