With a guitar on his back, a book of songs in his pocket and the promised glamour of stardom, Brendan Benson left the land of Jack White and Chrysler for mighty Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the Detroit-native classicist was welcomed with the abrupt news that Virgin records would be letting him go. Subsequently, the magic of his 1996 poorly promoted debut album, One Mississippi, wouldn’t be discovered until five years later when his  sophomore effort was released under the name Lapalco. Both at least fantastic albums, but One Mississippi soars beyond the ranks of fantastic albums  that snuck by. It sits hunched over in a dim corner of a lime-lit room among a handful of other albums that can call themselves one of the best pop albums of the 90s.

Heavily rooted in the classics, One Mississippi proves Brendan Benson is a master of melody among many other things.  With a hook baited in harmony and tackle box filled with fiery guitar riffs, you cant help but bite. The only catch is, you don’t want to let go once it’s started. You’re totally content and willing as you let it reel you in.