If there was no place to go, if you had to just be you, completely exposed, for all to see — what would they witness? All the good parts, the scary parts, the ugly parts; the best parts, the hairy parts, and the lazy parts, the OCD parts, the lying parts, and the unfiltered parts: all of the oddities we are coached to hide, to fit in, as if fitting in were the same thing as being the same.

While the vulnerable yet defiant lyrics speak to the places and the parts we hide, the music seeks to make you move, to crack veneer of normalcy we all work so hard to maintain. “You’re so much better strange,” echoes on the title track and debut album opener. “I’m still trying to become someone I’m not,” sung like an admission, quickly followed by, “whatever you want,” the coverup, the chameleon emerging for others, despite the someone underneath. I want these guys to go global because I like where their heads are at and how their mouth sounds when it sings. I want these guys to collect fans because when new ears hear the songs and feel the fire, it will make them want to be as strange as they feel.

You want these guys to catch on so you can bear witness to their live display. Despite their quiet coolness, their set will get you hot. Opening their album release show at Resident in downtown LA with “Burn” is a prime example. On the record, a series of full-stops in the song raise the stakes with each subsequent drop. Live, when the song should have been over, a ninja bonus sequence snuck up on us all. I was trying to figure out what song they were playing next, cause I’m into it, and then it started to sound familiar, and then another full-stop, and we were dropped right back in for another go round of the chorus. With their long awaited, dazzling debut out in the world, these guys are ready to take you for a ride.

It’s a little bit Bowie, a little bit Tame Impala, a little bit funky, and a good amount strange: a 12-course meal with thoughtful lyrics throughout that underwrite this contract between toe-tapping, guitar galavanting, and meditative indie rock. When everyone is watching, dance like they aren’t.