3D invisibles

So this is going to be an odd little post because I have discovered an odd band spawned from a graveyard located…somewhere. They are called The 3-D Invisibles. They are so invisible they don’t even have a Wikipedia page. Therefore I only have what is visible (or audible) to me, they rock harder than a gravestone.

In lieu of our generations late-crazed zombie, vampire, weirdness* birthed from popular books that I (admittedly) haven’t really given a chance, I’ve decided to get more excited about these creatures through musical discovery. This band is into zombies, graveyards and dead things coming back to life. They belong to a genre they have invented on there own called Monster Rock. According to what seems to be the only paragraph written about them on the internet: this band was spawned from trashy pop culture, horror comics, sci-fi, and monsters. If you can imagine Ash (Bruce Campbell)  from Army of Darkness on a surfboard, that basically explains what the hell this music sounds like. If The Addams Family was super into surf rock, this would be the first show they would attend. And if you’ve ever desired a ghoulish band that didn’t try as hard as Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper this might be what you were hoping for.

*I thought our perpetual desire for a never ending Halloween was a phase, but I may have underestimated this one. Congratulations George Romero, Tim Burton, Max Brooks, and Stephenie Meyer…maybe you deserve some culturally significant monster award. I don’t know.
I dug up The 3-D Invisibles – Jump Off the Screen at Treehouse Records in Uptown, Minneapolis, MN.
I apologize for all of the name dropping.