Coma Cinema out of Columbia, South Carolina is an indie-pop band that proves what using the web can do. In a digital age where many seem to be lost at sea, Mat Cothran swam his way through the internet before Pitchfork recognized him in 2010. Maybe he sailed, but needless to say it took him five years to reach the mainland. It’s hard to sift through the musical crap that you can find on the web these days (there is a Great Pacific Garbage Patch out there and it’s confusing people).

Cothran’s music has a refined quality that doesn’t express computer-engineered skills, it represents a hard working musician. Maybe I’m a purist but I appreciate this work a lot. I DO appreciate the digital age of music, but the first song on this album, “Business As Usual,” expresses my feelings exactly. It exclaims, “No one cares, it’s easier to quit.” If it were easy everyone would be doing it. It’s easy to make music these days and everyone is doing it. That right there is what separates Coma Cinema from a lot of the musical world. So pick this up on vinyl – via the internet of course.

Coma Cinema – Bandcamp