Buffalo Bop: The Bop That Never Stopped appears to be, and I say appears because there is no information about it, a compilation of various Rockabilly artists from the 1950s and early 60s. They were pressed in the 1980s by a German record label. This has been a really fun era to explore, and it’s full of people that I probably never would have heard of in my life. I’ve always found the dislike for Rock n’ Roll of this time period to be pretty funny, but after looking at some of the album art from the time period I can see why. Every guy looks like James Dean, has a cigarette, and is holding a knife. They are either about to punch someone, or there is some cleavage baring woman looking promiscuous with them. I must say this is some solid music though. If you want to dig into some more artists like this or see what I am talking about with the album artwork check out The Bop That Never Stopped, which is a German blog that doesn’t have a lot of info but good images and a whole bunch of artists.

The website below has 30 second clips from this LP that I saw at Tree House Records in Minneapolis, MN.