During SXSW we had a chance to sit down with Dim Mak representatives Scanners, who have recently put out their newest EP Mexico, which was released right before they hit Austin.  Their third time at the mega industry fest, we discussed electronic influences, working with Steve Aoki and staying DIY.

MTIB: How has the rise of electro affected the way you guys are making music?

SCANNERS: We feel as if we’re making the same sound we always have but still trying to push the limits.  We each have individual writing styles that all kind of meld together where we’ll throw out ideas and come together to form the “scanners” sound.

MTIB: We mostly brought it up because Steve Aoki is the head Dim Mak who is putting out your EP.  What has working with him been like?

SCANNERS: Steve has been really cool, and supported us from the very beginning.  We’re the only band of our type on the label and he never pushes to change our sound in anyway or do something that doesn’t feel like us. It’s really been a great experience.

MTIB: How have you seen SXSW change over the years?  Has the corporate mentality been something you’ve noticed?

SCANNERS: I think that’s with music in general lately, you see more and more corporations throwing big money around to be associated with something the public views as cool. To us it’s been more pronounced than it has in the past.  We saw the giant Doritos stage, which seems designed to make people talk about Doritos, which we are right now.

MTIB: What’s in the future for Scanners?

SCANNERS: We just put out the EP which we’re quite proud of and then hopefully more shows.  We’re always a DIY band, so we of course will be working to make things happen.

Listen to Mexico: