A collection of 14 of our favorite songs featured on the site during the month of March. All downloads are for promotional purposes. If you enjoy one of the artist’s songs, we urge you to go out and find a way to support them.


1. “Dirt Off Your Shoulder vs. Born To Die (Scott Melker Remix)”/Jay-Z vs. Lana Del Rey
2. “I Don’t Care What You Think Of Me”/Ican Ican’t
3. “Electric Fever”/Free Energy
4. “I Can Reach The Top”/Rhum For Pauline
5. “Abraham’s Daughter”/Arcade Fire
6. “Iron Deer Dream (RAC Remix)”/Fixers
7. “Beatcha”/Dinosaur Feathers
8. “Tell Me”/Little Boy Jr.
9. “Hip-Hop Saved My Life ft. Nikki Jean”/Lupe Fiasco
10. “Sebastian”/Reptar
11. “Mississippi”/The Griswolds
12. “The Shakedown”/Yellow Ostrich
13. “Grown Up”/Danny Brown
14. “Slow It Down”/Oddisee