[ALBUM] Doomtree – All Hands

The Minneapolis hip-hop collective known as Doomtree has seemingly figured it out.  For the second album in a row, they holed themselves up in a cabin and did nothing but write and record – and for a second album in a row, they hit the nail on the head.  All Hands perfectly highlights all facets of ...

The Crowd at Soundset 2014

Soundset 2014 Photos

Soundset is easily the greatest music festival in MN and likely the best hip-hop festival in the country. Continuing on their ascent, the Soundset crew hit it out of the park again this year. With acts like Nas, Chance The Rapper and EarlWolf performing alongside local favorites, Atmosphere, Prof and deM atlaS, there’s little that could ...

The Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2013

To create a broad narrative about rap in 2013 would be, at best, reductive. Things are simply too fragmented, even among the most visible artists, to make sweeping statements with any hint of honesty or seriousness. But a lot of exciting things happened–one of the genre’s biggest names seemingly lost his mind and made a ...

Listen Before You Die: Felt – A Tribute To Christina Ricci

There’s a very, very short list of rappers compelling enough to warrant your full attention on a thrown-together, thoroughly directionless EP. Fortunately, in 2002 both Slug and Murs were card carrying members of that club.

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