[PLAYLIST] Remix, Just For Kicks

Here’s a playlist of my favorite remixes with one simple rule: no artist can be repeated. The remixed is not the remixer of one of the other tracks or vice versa. It’s got everything from Hans Zimmer to Breakbot to Local Natives. Enjoy. Listen to the playlist here.

[PLAYLIST] Sunday Float

Sundays are perfect for sitting back, pressing play and doing nothing more than soaking up some music while you relax – maybe read a book or write in a journal. Is it cold where you are? Find a fireplace. We have the rest of the week to be stressed out. Enjoy.

[PLAYLIST] Monday Morning (08/05)

Good morning and g’day! I hope you are well. After taking a brief hiatus after our site’s crash, which was caused by you folks… stop visiting our site so much! …but don’t actually. You should tell your friends. We want to keep sharing music with people and the more the merrier. Anyway, in the words ...

[PLAYLIST] Lollapalooza Sunday Preview (2013 Edition)

I have been blessed with an after market ticket for Sunday of Lollapalooza courtesy of the List of Craig (whoever that is). In preparation for the big day I have put together a playlist of many of the artists that will be playing that day. Hopefully you, too, have the opportunity to get to the windy city

[PLAYLIST] Monday Mix-Up

These songs just happened to tickle my fancy this morning. Some are new and some are remixes of less recent songs, but all of the songs here today are guaranteed ‘not bad’… Of course, that’s just my opinion. You might not like any of them… That’s the nature of music. So, if you are interested ...

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