Monday Mix-Up (5/13)

The tradition is back! Every Monday we’ll be posting a playlist of at least 8 tracks we’ve been enjoying lately. Hopefully you enjoy them too. This particular list includes a remix of a new Phoenix song off their latest, Bankrupt!, , as well as new music from Wolf Alice, The Colourist and others. Check it out…

Listen Before You Die: Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert (Live)

A must if you enjoy exceptional piano. This recording is some 30+ years old, which is early in Keith Jarrett’s career. Although, it is after Jarrett decided the digital world wasn’t for him. After a short gig with Miles Davis on the electric keyboard, Jarrett swore he’d never play anything that had a plug…

Discovery 03.28.13

  Discovery posts have been lacking. This should make up for it. Five songs ranging from awesome to awesome. Anyway, the bands work hard, support them… asshole!

Intrigued Vinyl: Emitt Rhodes – Emitt Rhodes

f you’ve ever wanted to listen to Paul McCartney without all of the Paul McCartney, you should listen to Emitt Rhodes. The man was clearly influenced by Sir McCartney. Rhodes will open your world and take you to a piece of the 70’s that was smothered by mainstream music. I was blown away when I first heard this record. This is some sophisticated…

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