But despite a premise that seems like a recipe for pretentious disaster (and an A side that at first does little to temper that fear), we’re left with a coherent, cohesive project that teeters on the edge of being great and reveals two of the scene’s brightest young talents.

[ALBUM] Low – The Invisible Way

Most bands that have been around for 20 years have started reissuing albums, but Low, continues to push themselves beyond their comfort zone as is apparent with their latest release, The Invisible Way. The Minnesota group has continually to expand on their minimalistic style, this time with the help of Wilco frontman, Jeff Tweedy. Despite ...

[SHOW REVIEW] Hoodie Allen with Aer and Jared Evan at First Avenue

You can’t fuck fame. Someone needs to reiterate that to Hoodie Allen’s fans because judging by the number of bras thrown on stage, the girls are sure tying to. With songs like “#whitegirlproblems” and “James Franco,” it’s easy to see why the New York native appeals…

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